What if you played for a team and on game day you were told the victory is yours but in order to experience it you must get properly dress, get on the field and give maximum effort? What if you were told that during the game you didn’t need to use your own strength but go in the strength of the one sending you out? What if you were told there would be difficult moments during the game? At some point it may look like you’re going to lose but be of good courage the victory is yours. What if prior to sending you out on the field the coach told you that you were going to have to make a lot of sacrifices for the team during and those sacrifices may not be noticed? How would you respond to the aforementioned questions? Would you still want to play? How difficult would it be for you to get dressed? Would you show up on game day? Today you will have to make a decision to play or stay. If you have joined God’s team by accepting Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior the victory is yours. You have been asked to get dressed and get on the battle field believing you have already won, the victory is yours. In the stands there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on and encouraging you every step of the way. They ran their race and they have passed the baton on to you and I. They went on in the strength of the Lord doubting nothing. They paved the way for you and I. Since you and I are the light of the world I know you will be able to see your way past the backbiting at work, this mornings argument with the significant other, the children not getting up on time, running late for a meeting, the cat getting out or spilling coffee on your outfit. In spite of all that the victory is yours. You have won because Christ defeated the enemy. It’s Wednesday morning and it’s time for you and I to get on the field and live our greatest life knowing the victory is ours and we are moving in the power of God through Christ. BE ENCOURAGED!