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There will come a time when you’ll introduce your teenager to banking. You will take them to a bank to open their first account. When you arrive at your bank of choice you’ll meet with the bank representative and begin the process. You and your teenager will fill out the appropriate documents and at the end the account will be established. Your teenager will make their first deposit thereby making their first monetary investment in self. You will explain to them in order to make withdrawals they will have to make deposits. You will share with them in very simple terms “no money in no money out“. Your teen will feel empowered, good, great and will probably share this experience with their friends. They have opened their first account on their way to becoming a responsible adult. Over time they will make many deposits and withdrawals hopefully more deposits. In life we must make deposits in self. We must invest in ourselves each day. Life will demand withdrawals but remember you shared with your teen “no money in no money out“. The same is applicable in life. If you don’t put anything in you will not get anything out. What are you getting out of life? Have you really given that any thought? Have you open an account with the right bank? There are two banks in life, The World’s Bank and Kingdom Bank and Trust of God. Each day you rise you will make deposits and withdrawals at some point to deal with the twist and turns of life. You don’t want your account to ever say “insufficient funds”. Invest in yourself today by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He will fill your account with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will empower you to do what you would not normally be able to do for yourself. He will lead and guide you in making righteous deposits that have eternal value in Kingdom Bank and Trust. He will lead and guide you in making timely withdrawals. He will show you how to invest in self without becoming selfish. He is your online banker. He is always available to assist you. You’ll NEVER have to wait in line. Invest in self today. Open an account with Jesus Christ now. BE ENCOURAGED!!! 

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